Hay Fever! It's killing me right now, what do you do about it?

buy Anti histamine like cetirizine, it’s freely available in a box (like paracetamole in a strip) for a couple of €

Otherwise, i hear very good stories about the Dyson with HEPA, Hydrocarbons and Volatile Organic Compounds filtering, it’s expensive though

I got attacked by bees wanting their pollen back.

A reliable friend of mine swears that a spoonful of raw honey from a local bee keeper cured him of his allergies.
I cannot confirm or deny.

At worst you get to eat honey every day………

Of local pollen. Has to be local so that the same pollen are in the honey as in the air.

When anyone tells me they have allergies I’ll usually talk about the horrible allergies I had as a kid, which were pretty much solved with 2 1/2 years of allergy shots. My allergies used to be bad enough to the point that I couldn’t sleep laying down as I couldn’t breath, had to sleep in a chair.

Every single time I’ve talked about how my allergies were fixed, and remind them of how bad they were, they usually respond with some rehashing of “ew gross I can’t do shots.” So yeah, allergy shots.

I have felt your pain.
How is it possible to drink one glass of water,
Then blow out 2 glasses worth in snot?

Ask your doctor about:
Singulair, A.K.A. Montelukast

This is an asthma drug that is widely used to treat allergies too.
It has worked amazingly well for me and a friend.
It’s horribly dusty where we live and at certain time of the year the pollen is killer.
I take it every day and my rate of sinus infections is much less since I started taking it.
I also went through the allergy shot rout. Helped some, but not as much as keeping ahead of allergens with Montelukast.

I supplement it with Benadryl if things get really bad.

Important safety tip.
Do Not expect to reuse a mask after blowing a huge wet one.

All the Best,

PS. Flonase spray for when thing start to get bad,
Astelin spray helps open things up so the crap won’t get trapped and cause an infection.
and Zyrtec for over the counter help.

I did it once and my head almost caught fire, watch what you recommend

Head on fire, head scratching is also localized high histamine activity, assume one does not have a scalp issue to begin with or a scalp pathogen present, no wonder some add topical cetirizine on the scalp.

Taking the allergen seems like a bad idea, if the flower’s pollen gets you sick in the first place, why would you get an overdose of it, this is not a poison.
Then I would not recommend low doses of poison either, take few nanograms of lead often and see where you end up in years, you won’t be immune to lead if that is one thinks, especially if you understand where lead goes and how it affects the body.

An allengen is not the same as poisson.

Thanks for mentioning this down not help every one, but I have seen very good results multiple times.

I chocked gravely just by touching and and smelling tomato plants for several minutes which has a serious defensive mechanism. I would not want to repeat this again, it was extremely scary, luckily there were people around me. Initially I just got a bit itching in my throat, then coughing a bit, then after it hit me hard with a choke.

Here’s a text about the tomato plant, of course this mechanism must be more or less powerful based on the cultivar. And of course many people are not that allergic to cause an issue.

I have a buddy, who owns a cat. No problems.
Once upon a time, we had the chance to play with a tame jaguar. Lots of fun.
Within a half hour he was starting to choke up and his skin had red stripes everywhere.
Looked a lot like a shrimp.
We stuffed him full of benadryl and he soon was getting better.
He normally isn’t bothered by allergies.
At the time I had horrid allergy attacks, but the big cat didn’t bother me at all.
Allergies are funny things.
Hope you get better soon.
All the Best,

Indeed, Jeff.