HD Video: Basic tools and supplies for a beginner flashlight modder

Here is an attempt at a description of tools and supplies needed for first time modders, for simple mods, like leds and drivers. By all means, this is not a complete list, Just some thoughts on the subject in case some first timers don't want to ask in the forums.

Fantastic video OL. This would of been helpful if it was around when I started. For those that dont know and not sure if OL mentioned it, he has lots of videos on how to use and do most of the things he talked about.

When the modding gets to a slightly more advanced stage the optional larger hammer will become the most used tool of all so it may pay to pick one up as well. Practising at an early stage can only help.

One thing missing was the lack of patience. This will be needed in huge amounts and the bigger hammer comes in handy when using the lack of patience tool.

Frustration is also another handy tool which improves with time. Remember practice makes perfect.

Seriously though if you want to alleviate what I have mentioned look up his videos. They will prevent most headaches.

Between the big hammer and the circular file cabinet, most anything can be ruined, I mean modded.