HD2010, 3xAAs?

Do 3xAA fit in the battery tube? I was thinking of modding one to use AAs if they it in the tube.

No, 3xAA holders definitely wont fit inside the tube. Even 3xAA without a holder don’t fit. The best you can do is a 3 or 4xAAA* holder (both of which will rattle around unless you increase the diameter somehow), but runtime will be terrible.

*You’d likely need to change the driver for a 4xAAA setup as well.

Here’s something I’d like to see:

That’s a HD2010 head sitting on a Cyclone C88 battery tube. It doesn’t screw together unfortunately. It’s just a concept.

That’s too bad. I was planning on swapping for a 2.8 amp driver and making some custom holders if 3xAA would at least fit in the tube with no holder.

Is it even close to a fit? Would I be able to sand the inside to increase the inner diameter?

I am already planning to go with the cyclone c88 but I don’t really like the aesthetics as much. Are there any other 3xAA lights out there?

EDIT: Yea, maybe I’ll get the hd2010 and have someone turn out a body tube for me.

The outer diameter of the HD2010 battery tube, at the point where the tail cap screws on, is about 30.2mm (but some of that is actual thread). The diameter of 2 AA batteries side by side, is about 28mm. If you bored out the battery tube, you’d have almost no tube left. I really don’t think it can work.

Thanks for the quick response.

Looks like I’ll have to keep looking for another 3xAA light and settle with a cyclone c88 for now.

Maybe I’ll look around for someone willing to make me some larger diameter bodies.

None that I would recommend over the C88. There are some cheap candidates for modding (such as the SAiK SA-305) but the C88 is a much better looking light imo.

Moving out of the budget price range, you have options like the Sunwayman M40A (4xAA), the soon to be released (hopefully) Zebralight S5310 (3xAA), and it you don’t mind the size, the Fenix TK41 (8xAA).

There’s also the BlackShadow Rook (AKA FandyFire Rook), but it’s primarily a 14500 light as the performance on NiMH AA batteries leaves a lot to be desired.

I have a Spark SX5 that came with adapters to use 3AA, 3AAA or a single 26650 cell. The 3AA holder can be used by itself, but if you want to use 3AAA or the single 26650 cell, there’s a sleeve that you’re supposed to use.

There’s also the Olight S35 baton


I already own a tk41 and like it but wanted something a little different/shorter. I want something that has a nice form (bigger head, not like the olight s35 baton cylindrical form). Ability to use with single 18650/26650 and use with 3xAA. I want 3xAA over 4xAA because the body will be a bit thinner.

The cyclone is perfect in function but just does not look as nice to me. The HD2010 has the looks I’m going for but can’t use 3xAA. I think there isn’t a light out there that fits my description so I’d have to get a custom body made for the HD2010.

I use the UltraOk’s 4xAAA battery holder and it’s very bright. Can’t remember offhand but it’s roughly as big as a 26650 and a bit longer.

This HD2010-like clone comes with a 4xAAA holder. I have one on the way and should arrive any day. Half the price of a HD2010, and probably half the quality; we’ll see.

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