HD2010 Re-born

I’ve had a silver/gray HD2010 sittin around for quite a while. Never really cared for it as it came with a crappy next mode memory driver. but it did have a respectable XML-U2 installed. What the HECK are those useless NMM drivers for anyways??? Pretty torch in the silver color so I simply dropped in a BLF SE A6 driver and VIOLA ! What a DRIVER ! and now WHat a Torch !

I’m smiling from ear to ear now coz the new driver ramps and drives like a Cadillac. And with a big fat KING KONG installed, I’m laushing at the DARK… Yeh, I know it’s a bit dated…but so am I… :stuck_out_tongue: :)) :)) Ahhh…the simple things. 8^)

Nothing wrong with old iron!

Still many a new light can’t hold a candle to the mighty HD 2010.
Best way I heard an HD 2010 described is that they don’t focus the light so much as they just ram it down range at terminal velocity :slight_smile:
Nice upgrade with the BLF driver, it’s like the small block Chevy of drivers.

A truly classic light. The HD2010 and the SRK are truly cult classics that are hard to beat. I always try to keep one of each around for a quick host, for a new mod or test.

Forgot to say that I got it in the TMart HD2010 Group Buy negotiated by Old Lumens.

Rattlesnake Laynard was GAW by Jack The Clipper. :sunglasses:

Light has really grown on me with the new driver. :smiley:

Thanks for the post, I’ve got the same light and same driver kickin around, tomorrow I’m going to try the same

Yeh, it’s drop dead EZ….Plug N Play… :smiley:

I’ve got one sitting around too and lately I’ve also been thinking about dropping in an A6 or MTN FET-17SS (guppydrv).

Mine’s also a grey/silver one from T-mart but it’s an actual Ultrafire from before that GB, but mine didn’t have the famous East92 driver.

I was also considering swapping out the led with something better on Copper DTP. I wonder how an XPL or XPL-HI would do in it?

I’ve been reading where modders of these were upgrading the pill for better heat management, and there were some brass or copper pills custom made by a member, also I think fastech sold a brass one as well, but those are both long gone. Thinks I remember reading something about using a (modified) C8 pill?

Yeh beam0, I remember what you’re talking about. Just remember, the silver version (at least my sample) has different fitments. The threading in the pill is different. I know coz my black Tangsfire HD2010 does not interchange pills with the Silver version. Weird , I know, but that’s what it is.

Nice. Great thrower with a little bit of help.

I’m surprised you didn’t blow out the emitter though. If you see the tint shifting to blue better turn it off.

This looks like a beast!!!

Do ya really think so? From the HD2010’s introduction, wasn’t it designed to run on Direct Drive with that all famous (at the time) East92 driver?

If she should blow, I’ll kick er up a notch… :student: :laughing:

The East92 is direct drive but it doesn’t have the same FET so there is more resistance there. The BLF drivers use a low resistance FET. If you didn’t put in heavy wires you will probably be fine so long as you don’t go and put any of the super high amp batteries in. But like you said if it blows just upgrade to a noctigon and then you can put heavy wires in too.

It’s nice though to know that with a simple driver change that it’s rocking out. You gotta like that.

Thanks for the heads up bout the possible resistance issue. My mods are basic and I don’t compute much rocket science, so I appreciate the tips. I just installed the driver as it was. Didn’t add heavier wires. And it’s loaded with a Black EVVA-Tech ICR 26650 from RMM. Bright nuff fer gov-ment werk… :laughing:

I’m sure it was a very nice improvement. I like that light a lot and have modded up and sold a bunch of them. I kept one that has a de-domed XPL in it.