hd2010 tmart

they seem to have a bunch of different models which do you guys like.

I found this one for 30 http://www.tmart.com/TangsFire-HD2010-CREE-XMLT6-6W-1200LM-5-Mode-Waterproof-Flashlight-Black_p144456.html

Any other good deals from tmart? I’m getting the sky king there also and the tk35 clone.

yea really wierd they have like 5 variety of them. The 6th one is a XM-L x 3. I heard from other BLF members that the tangsfire is the better one. Anyways I got 2 HD2010 coming. I hope they are good.

The 3 XML is a dropin stile so there’s not a good heat transfer to the body, don’t get it, it’s way less impressive than the HD2010 with the the single XML. (Trust me)
The all black looks sharper than the grey one.