HD2010 - UF2200 combo - yet another HD2010 mod

Just got in my A8 clone from eBay, and found it fit really well on the DST, as described here, so, I broke out a few of my 26650 lights to see what else might match up and found a really nice combo.

For you HD2010 aficionados, I think this is a real nice HD2010 upgrade:

The UF-2200 is a nice quality light and host, but never had me too excited because of it's being somewhat under-sized head, limited output and throw, so I never got around to modding it. But now, I think I found a perfect home for it. I feel the HD2010 is a step up with the UF-2200 body and tail. I've always found many of the UniqueFire lights to be better quality, better finish. The matt black finish match's the black HD2010's perfectly (TMART's no-name and TangsFire branded), shortens the overall length, feels better in the hand with a thinner body, and the tail and lanyard is definitely better quality.

So if you are like me and throwing $$$ at your HD2010's with de-domed XM-L2 U2's on copper, copper pills, AR lens, stacked drivers, and maybe an aspheric now with a custom built adapter ring, this is yet another upgrade improvement -- for a few more $$$, but, it's an HD2010 and deserves the best!

Ohh -- it does work. Only tried it with unprotected 26650's but fits and works fine.

Nice indeed. The light in the first pick looks much better to me. More husky looking.

Very nice. Oh, I love that braided lanyard.

I like the lanyard too, and especially the way they do the lanyard holes. I'm not sure if I'll buy a UF-2200 just for that though. I've spent way too much on HD2010 mods lately. Two types of copper pills, anti reflective lenses, aspheric lens and adapter kit, Noctigons and XM-L2's and XP-G2's, plus drivers...and I actually need to buy more HD2010's to use up all the pills I got. What the hell have I done??

I'd rather make my own lanyards. I'm going to get some of these arrowhead cord ends so I can use any color cord I want, maybe even some super strong spectra cord, or even reflective cord to make the light easier to find if it rolls down into some bushes.

The UF-2200 is my most used light.

Not sure I like the combo though:


yikes - mixing colors is a bit freaky looking, but you can get 2200's in gray:



Also, I noticed the tailcap spring and switch seem much more robust in the 2200. At 4.2A on the stock driver and LED, I saw no loss in output between jumpering with the tailcap removed and using the tailcap in the light box. Actually the lumens went up about 5% with the tailcap installed.

I admit you gotta be a bit eccentric (i.e. nuts) to go out and buy a UF-2200 for $23 just to use the tube for an HD2010 , but this is BLF...

fyi... That UF-2200 tube does shorten the battery spacing quite a bit. Using a powerizer last night, think I blew the driver - the cell compressed the + driver spring so much, possibly the spring or copper braiding shorted out something on the Nanjg I'm using in the vob copper pill. The copper pill itself seems to shorten up the battery spacing also, so the combo seemed lethal...