Head Tight - Head Loose interface possible?

I’m a huge fan of the old pre-2013 interface used by Fenix / Foursevens / etc, and currently used by Armytek in their Tactical Lineup.

There was never an official term for it, but I’d describe it as the ‘Tactical / Utility’ UI:

Head Tightened = Turbo / 100% only

Head Loosened 1/8 turn = L-M-H multi mode

It was ideal, as the light could be carried head tightened, ensuring that it was always ready to emergency / self defense use @ 100% brightness. But with a simple head twist, Utilitarian L-M-H were right there.

Anyway, this brings up the question - are there any Mod’s that allow this interface? And / or, are there any custom builders who would be able to build one?

I would love to have a Convoy S2+ as a sort of ‘18650 Quark’ for EDC, where head tight = 100, and Head Loose = 1, 10, 30. Ideally, all with some sort of boost/buck driver for stabilized brightness.

The driver needs to know when the head is tightened and when it’s loose; this needs a specific driver design. So you have to tinker with the driver first before installing a custom UI. At least I think this is the case.

P.S. I absolutely love this interface on my Thrunite Catapult V3. :sunglasses: