Headlamp choice help

Which one of these two headlamps would you recommend and why? Can’t decide between the Fenix HM70R and Nitecore HC68.

I want to have an option of warmer high CRI for flood, not sure, if the HC68 provides that? Weight difference is not that big also.

Top choice would be Acebeam H30R + CRI, but it’s just too expensive and overkill in power…

Thank you for all responses

Hc68 has no warmer high cri floodlight, hm70r does have.
I have the hm60r(little brother of hm70r) and it has 2 mode high cri flood.
The acebeam H60 is also an intersting headlamp, it has very good flood light and warmer high cri >98

I don’t actually own the Panda 4.0, but my Panda 2M CRI has been my favorite 18650 headlamp for years. The Panda 4.0 is a little less expensive than the others you listed, but it doesn’t include a battery, and it’s not in stock. I don’t need much throw in a headlamp, so that’s why the 2M works for me.

Hmm. I wonder if it’s even possible to order from them right now.

The panda 4.0 and 2M cri are both great headlamps, got them both.
The panda 4.0 is my favorite atm

Panda looks very good, but I’m afraid it can’t be ordered right now. I don’t wanna try. I will look at the H60. Thank you for the suggestions.

Forget about Russian YLP company.


I went with Fenix HM70R, good modes spacing and quality build. I just hope, it won’t be too heavy. Didn’t like the CRI flood mode at 380 lm or 2 lm on the H60. Btw, YLP - I wouldn’t go there, not anytime soon for sure.


Thanks for closing the loop on this thread, I find it rude when people post requesting suggestions then disappearing without feed back on what they purchased.

My H60 has much more modes for flood light, 2 / 20 / 90 / 280 / 680 lumens.
Dunno why at acebeam’s official website they only mention the 2lm for low and the 380lm for high

That’s strange. The two modes turned me off. Anyway, I hope, I won’t regret buying the Fenix.

Here you also can see it has all that modes for sunlike leds:


Maybe a new version of the H60?

The hm70r has 400 lumen aux led and the hm60r has 350 lumen.Both have excactly the same lens, so I think they have almost the same beam and output.I compared my hm60r with the H60.The H60 is the floodiest, I think it’s almost 180° where the hm60r is more like 120°,but the aux of the hm60r throws much further



Thank you for the comparison. Think, I made the right decision.

Nice photo thanks !