Headlamp for close up?

I’m looking for a cheap and decent headlamp for close up work inside dogs ears and mouth.
I’d like to keep it close to $10-15 and have been looking at the generic cheap 18650 ones on eBay.
The problem is they have a t6 and might cause sun burn and blindness close up. I don’t have a battery preference.

Could anyone recommend me a decent headlamp for close up work and keep it cheap?

THIS looks like it may do you well… I have not seen them in person, but this is up to 150 lumen and looks to have levels, so should be plenty bright. Headlamps are disproportionately priced, a good headlamp is seldom below $30 for a metal one. I have had good luck with other Energizer brand headlamps over the years. If you have a charger for NiMh, the RayOVac Recharge AAA are decent and can be picked up at the same store, saves a ton over the course of use.

For cheap AAA’s that are like 90% as good as engergizers, try the Dollar Tree Sunbeam AAA alkaline, four of them for $1…. pretty decent deal.

ReManG, I’m looking for a pure flood (or close to) headlight but something with better build quality than a Energizer, that is regulated and takes 18650s. Any suggestions? I’m willing to pay up to $60 for something good.

Look at a Spark SG6 headlight. It is a a pure flood mule. Well regulated and uses an 18650. I have the SG5 running on a 14500 and couldn’t be happier with it.

Would be perfect if it had a 200-lm mode. Stepping down 800 lm to 400lm is okay, but not 400 lm to 100lm :frowning:

18650 and close up work? Sounds a bit overkill to me. For close up I like my Skilhunt H15. It takes 1xAA (or 14500) and can produce over 200 lumen on eneloop.

I would also suggest a Spark sg6.

For close up you really only need a 100 lumens or so . I own a Zebralight 501 and it’s about 100 lumens and …. it’s a great headlamp .
That said, gearbest has a crelant ch10 in cool white or a neutral for about 20$…if i didn’t already have a bunch of headlamps i’d certainly buy one of those .about 400 lumens on high… So what you lose by it not putting out 800 lumens … you gain in twice as much runtime .Ramps so it’s always as bright or dim as you want it to be …universally liked by all members who’ve bought them …At twenty bucks it’s a no bwaino.

Get one of those headbands made to take a 1xAA or 1xAAA penlight and hold it over your ear
Sew a second loop onto the other side so you have a light on either side, angled in to meet at the distance you want
Put Scotch ’“magic” tape or another diffuser over the lenses

If you need something with good color rendering so you don’t miss an infection or something, I’d recommend a Zebralight H600Fd. Has very nice low lumen modes, colors are great, but they aren’t free either. $89.00