Headlamp Pill Question??

Im in the process of building another headlamp. Even though the ones I just purchased are the same brand and everything as the first batch I ordered, there are some differences, Chinese standards :~ . One in general is the pill. When I removed the pcb, I was surprised to see a slight depression where the emitter would sit on the the pcb. Now correct me if im wrong, the heat transfer to the pill would be compromised because of this, right? The more surface area on the pill, the better the transfer, correct?

Oy. That’s beginning to be a new general problem.

I recall the extra metal cut out from under the LED level showed up recently in the new round of ZeusRay lights, and was also mentioned with pictures in some other light that was mentioned here yesterday or the day before.

Are the Chinese turning out new emitters on thicker base plates that would fit this extra depth, but not selling them to us mail order customers? (I found one 2mm thick would fit properly into the extra deep hole)

Or is the guy running the metal cutter just drinking more heavily?

Thought about cutting a small piece of copper to put in there but cutting it perfect would next to impossible. Also thought about brazing some silver solder in there then sanding it down flush

Good luck getting solder to stick to aluminum (sigh).

Wow, im totally not thinking straight. I tig weld aluminum at my job. :smiley: