Headlight with red leds

I’m looking for a headlight which would contain red leds for night vision and of course a normal white led as well. Ones with USB charging would be preferred. I’m going to use it in forest with much snow & temperatures up to –20C (–4F). The price should be maximum ~30usd shipped to Finland (excl.battery). Thanks for the recommendations.

Try the nitecore hc50 the price is a little higher and it has no USB charging but it ticks the rest of the boxes… I am sure some one on here will be able to get a good price on it! or buy a simple headlamp that you can put filters over the lens that would be the cheapest option…

yes, Please recommend me some headlight with usb charging possibility, where I could put filters over the lens. thanks.

How much output do you need? Any prefered battery type?

Olight H15(S) Wave might suit you. Takes 4 AAA or a LiIon battery (optional). The LiIon can be charged via USB.

Got my H15 last year for 20/25$ delivered incl LiIon battery and micro-USB changer cable via ebay.
It’s relatively light, has nice beam (spot or wide) and for camp bright enough.

I do not have one of these but the after reading Kronos' review Maxtoch seems to have brightest red leds suitable for night vision. I do have the HC50 and I do not feel the red leds are good for anything other than up-close stuff

Thats the probelm with red leds (love em but they have issues)

  1. no where near at efficient or as effective as white leds.
  2. the human eye is no where near at efficient seeing red as white or even green light.

Put the two together and hard to find RED for other then general vicinity use.

Also you can use chargers so the light itself does not need to use a usb.

xtar H2 are cheap.

I swap a nichia in and they have a nice tint then.

Thanks for the replies. I’d prefer design like HC50 has, so no separate battery box. Maybe someone could pm be prices, perhaps HC50 as well then. It does not have microusb charging ability, but I could buy something like this maybe http://www.ebay.com/itm/252143974373

Spend ~4$ more and get a better / proper charger.
Xtar MC1 (plus) or a Nitecore UM10

Check out a good headband and one or two flashlights plus red (blue, green) filter with it.
Fenix Headband can mount two flashlights (18-22mm diameter) and 2 spare batteries (AA/CR123).