Heads-Up announcement for the BLF LE Mini-Mag Order thread - The Pre-order thread will go up tomorrow.

I just wanted to give you a heads up for the Pre-Order thread. I will be putting up a Pre-Order thread on Thursday 02-21-13 between 11AM to Noon (CST). There will only be 35 lights in this one time limited run for 2013. I do not know if there will ever be another run next year or the year after. That is too far away to tell and with the outfit I work for, closing up this year, there is really no way to guess about the future. I figured I should do this run as a now or never kind of thing.

First come, first served is how it will work. The first 35 members posting and pre-paying for the lights, will be the ones that get them.

Do not post here please. This is just a Heads up, so you have a little advanced notice. I don't want to drop it on everyone at the last moment. At least this gives you about 24 hours, to know they will be going up for sale.

The thread I post tomorrow will have all the details and pricing in it, as well as lead times.

The title of the thread tomorrow, will be:

"O-L's Pre-Order Thread for the BLF LE Maglite"

Do you have to say I want it and pay to have the spot reserved? Or can you say I want it as soon as that thread is posted PayPal when you get home from work? I’m not totally sure if I’m going to buy one yet, just want to be prepared if I do :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 to what Pulsar said, along with what are the prices going to be?

All that info will be in the sale thread. Once you say you want it, you have 24 hours to pay. After that you forfeit.

I am still working on the sale thread and it will have all the prices in it.

The light is $40. There are the options for shipping methods and they will be listed in the sale thread.

I am definitely going to try and get one. Thanks for all you do O-L