Heavy 8mm or less springs.

I’m chasing some heavy springs, wire diameter .9mm to 1mm, with a base OD of 8mm maximum, 7mm would be better. Length minimum would be around 6mm. 10 would be better as they can be cut down.
Any links greatly appreciated.

Doesn’t comply fully to your specifications but an option. From Simon

Thanks ee. Its a start. I did check all the usual places and could not come up with anything.

high current spring

discout springs

if you want no spring brass pill

The top two linked are not suitable Lexel. I may have to go the pedestal route if springs are not available.

Reverse the spring?

I did think of that and it is an option. Not sure how stable it would be though.

Cut two bottoms of a spring in half and solder them together? You can probably get the perfect size but it lose its bounce i guess.

I’ve been using spring like that (upside down) in my JM30 mod (driver side - pictures 50. and 51. in my mod thread). If you solder it all around the base you shouldn’t have any problems.

Thanks for the ideas guys. Hopefully someone will have seen something I missed.

After a lot of orders of different springs these are the only i found good enough (size and strength) :


Base OD : 9mm
Top part OD : 5mm
Lenght (top to bottom , uncompressed) : 10mm

edit : diameter of “wire” 0.8mm ? 0.9mm ?

There not what I’m after giorgoski but have thrown a couple of packets in the cart anyway. They will come in handy on other projects.
The springs I’m after will be soldered onto a SRK driver onto the positive surface.

And how batteries will “turn” between springs (when you insert batteries) ?

The battery tube will be bolted to the head so theres no turning.

Good to know , thanks

The springs are for this light here.

It may be better if I used pedestals as there is no chance of shorting then. The driver will be held in by a threaded sleeve 3mm long.

Richard listed these : http://www.mtnelectronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=790

If you make an order any time you could add them too

I ended up using 8mm brass rod cut of to 5.5mm long. Thanks for the help guys.