hello again from me

Hi to all

had a few glinches but i am back on line with you all i hope

Hi again alfreddajero and Don

i need to get aprovel from admin on user name [scruffy dog ] or Barrie

i have lots to catch up on i have been able to folow your posts but not post my self

Mr Admin can i have your aprovel to post please

Of course! A very warm welcome back to Barrie (and Scruffy Dog). You'll always be welcome sir. Do you prefer your Scruffy Dog username or your Barrie user name? Can you log into both of them now?

A brief disclosure... Barrie was one of our first users, but he had some sort of a problem with not being able to login to his user account. So he created a new "Scruffy Dog" user account. I was revising the site access logs one day, and I saw a bunch of failed attempts to access a page by a new user "Scruffy Dog" that had not posted anything yet. So I thought it was a hacking attempt, and I sent the user a stern warning email. Turns out it was Barrie. Oops. So I had to send an apology, and I want to do it publicly now, sorry for the confusion! No hard feelings.

Glad to see you are around again.

Glad to see you are around again.

Aloha and welcome back! Smile

i have no bad feeligs Mr Admin

glad to be back on line with you guys thanks for the wellcome back


What about the others? Why the intolerance?

Ummmm, I almost used my administrative super powers to edit his typo there but I decided against it. But if anyone noticed a typo in this thread it's probably best to basically ignore it. (The smiley I used here is appropriately titled "Foot in mouth".)

oops sorry spelling corrected Embarassed

All the best.