Hello, Bonjour, Goede Dag....loving the site !

Hello all fellow Flashaholics,

I was pointed to BLF from someone at "the other place," and after reading only a handful of threads, I already feel like this is a better fit.

An LED fan for as long as I can remember, it is great to finally see the output of power LEDs evolving rapidly while remaining affordable.

My other passion is all things automotive. If it has 4 wheels, makes noise, and goes fast, I'm in. This is my 22nd season of amateur Drag Racing, and I have migrated to tuning and racing European cars after many years of involvement with domestics.

I grew up in Western Europe, spending a lot of time just outside of Brussels, but now reside in the Windy City (see name.)

My latest purchase? The DRY 3x CREE XM-L 2500L in Warm White. It's the first torch that has surpassed my expectations in quite some time. Ric has been a pleasure to work with as well, answering all of my questions and shipping out the product in a very timely manner.

Thanks for the great forum for the working man - while it's nice to see a few $1200 torches made of unobtanium now and again, I prefer the more realistic view that whatever I buy should be a good value - whether the light cost $9 or $90.

I look forward to learning much as well as contributing to your fine discussions when I can.

Chicago X

Welcome. Happy to have you.

Welcome Chicago X

Thanks, SirJohn, e10sno, and Be-Seen Triker !

I appreciate the casual atmosphere here....I don't feel the need to dress in a suit-and-tie simply to post about torches anymore. :)

Hej och välkommen!

Welcome Chicago. Good to have you here.

guess some ppl over there squeeze their flashlights a little to hard at night

hope you get alot of info and have a good time

Welkom beste Chicago X

I am also born in Belgium and still live in this nice country.

Hope you have a nice time here

Welcome to BLF Chicago X!

Welcome to the forum Chicago!!

Hi there Chicago X, welcome to BLF, we're glad you joined!

Welcome ChicagoX, I will give you one guess at what else we have in common besides lights.

Hallo Chicago X.. Ik had je al gezien bij cpf.. en zag dat jij een beetje daar de Sipik aan de gang slingerde.. al weet ik dat niet precies... ik kom uit nederland, en woon al een tijdje in japan.

@Volk: Tack !

@Langcjl, davx, CD520, sb56637: Thanks very much for the warm welcome !!

@df2dot: That is an excellent observation. I picture one Mod in particular, strangling his poor wee torch nearly to death.

@thommy: Where do you live? I grew up in Waterloo, and miss it very much....

@E1320: LOL ! With a name like that, you've GOT to be fast....

@ChibiM: Hallo ! Hoe lang heeft hij u meenemen naar Japanse te leren? Ik wil leren Japanse zeer veel !!

Very small village in Limburg called Gingelom

At 2 km from Brabant and 4 km from Province Luik.

Welcome back (via cyberspace) in Belgium

Waterloo - I was defeated, you won the war
Waterloo - promise to love you for ever more
Waterloo - couldn’t escape if I wanted to
Waterloo - knowing my fate is to be with you
Waterloo - finally facing my waterloo
just couldn’t resist it :slight_smile:
Bienvenue ici et merci pour votre assistance!

Er hebben blijkbaar nog meer Belgen en Nederlanders de weg naar dit forum gevonden.