Hello from AZ

New to BLF. Excited to learn more about good budget flashlights!

Welcome to BLF!

You won't be so excited when you look at your next bank statement.... ;)


Gidday. Welcome to the mad house or possibly nut house or even the poor mans house. Take your pick.

Please enjoy your time here, Dwantink!

Good to have you here at BLF.

Welcome to the forum Dwantink.

Welcome aboard!!

welcome wher abouts are you from?

Welcome from Bullhead City Arizona.

Where’s bullhead compared to Peoria?

Welcome to BLF, where we love good budget flashlights, and love bad budget flashlights just a well! :-)

Welcome to BLF where you will find great lights, great people, and savaged personal budgets :bigsmile:


Welcome to




I thought it was:


Welcome to the Madness Dwantink :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcoming everyone. In response to light junkie I live in San Tan Valley.

that Dawntink,it would be nice if we could s
one kind of Az torch meeting sometime lol glad you are here

Welcome from Arizona’s Christmas City!

Bullhead City is in the Northwest corner of Arizona, right across the Colorado river fro Laughlin Nevada.