Hello from Brazil

Hi everyone!

I’m Pietro, from south of Brazil.

I love flashlights since I was a kid. But just some years ago I bought my first real gear, a Fenix PD35 TAC, which is my EDC.

After it I bought some S2+ and a C8, bought another C8 and sold it, gave a Thorfire TK15S to a friend, and recently bought a Desert Tan S2+ with Biscotti, and a Sofirn SP10A as a smaller light.

Now I’m heading to the Sofirn SP36 (Q8), because I would like to experience more ‘lumen power’…

Hope to learn a lot with you and help as I can.


Welcome Pietro!

I’ve got a few of the same lights that you have and enjoy them. I think you’ll really love the difference in lumens with the SP36 or Q8 compared to your other lights. They are both fantastic.

My 3rd graders are exploring a culture study of Brazil along with the rainforest issues and more. They are motivated to learn about your country from the short introduction we gave. Any thoughts of things to share with them?

Also, can you find me some old-growth Brazilian Rosewood logs for a few woodworking projects? :wink:

You're going to love it here, pietropetris!

Hi and welcome pietropetris.

I already decided to buy one :smiley: (along with some Samsung 30Q)

About the brazilian culture, what I can tell as a starter is that Brazilian is an enormous country, close to the U.S. (guess you know that). The point is, the brazilian culture vary extremely from north to south. I live in the 2nd further south state of Brazil, Santa Catarina. In the south we have been colonized by italians and germans mainly (with bits of ukrainian, polish and portuguese), and that defined most of our culture, habits, architecture and even in how much we care about work, lifestyle, houses and the cities. Specially the germans are extremely organized. The southern winter is cold.

But in the north (north west) people are mainly indian (native), the weather is tropical (always warm or hot with rain showers at afternoon), which means they dont know what cold is. They don’t care much about work as we do (people here in the south work more than they should). They rythim are ‘slower’. Habits, food, culture… is far different than ours. Basically, when some person from here goes to north (or vice-versa) looks like it’s another country.

If you go to the northeast, you’ll find another specific culture, another accent, almost another world. The vegetation also varies a lot…

So, studying about brazilian culture requires looking at these main regions of Brazil.

About the rainforest, I can’t say much… is very far from here, I have never been there. We have a biome a bit close to the rainforest, which we call atlantic forest. It is a dense kind of forest, with great variety of plants and species (including some animals found in the U.S., like cougars and great horned owls) and is also very wet. Atlantic forest suffered terrible destruction by farmers - it is considered one of the most destructed forests of the world. There are few wide preserved areas. Finding a cougar is a hard job beacuse of this…

That is also why is difficult to get wood… now there are rigid laws over its extraction. And the wood you want is found in the northeast. We call it jacarandá-da-bahia. I also love wood… used to shoot with bows some time ago. There are amazing wooden bows out there.

If there is something else you want to know and that I can help you with, call me via PM, or maybe we can start a thread about it, if someone else want to learn about it… :smiley:

Cool! I’ll be sure to share the differences in regions. It makes sense, just like in the different regions of the United States. I appreciate your response. Thanks.