Hello from Georgia

Probably. The LED seems pretty good, but the driver would probably “hold back” to keep from frying the LED, so you might want to increase the current.

And it’s probably a simple stoopit driver, just resistors instead of any current regulation, so anything with a few 7135s onboard would be way better as far as regulation.

welcome. since your in Georgia, have you checked out Going Gear?

Welcome GA from up here in Western NC.

Good luck with your hunting. Coyote trapping starts up here Nov. 1, which is fun.

I would like to get thermal down the road also for coyotes. I had a ATN Xsight night vision 3-12 which started acting up and their customer service would not respond or honor their warranty. Luckily I got it from Brownell’s, which has a unconditional Lifetime warranty on all their products no questions asked, which would be worth getting from them.

Good luck on your hunts, stay safe. And pop some Yotes.

GA here! Go Dawgs!

Ive heard anything ATN is hit or miss. I had my eye on a Pulsar or Flir. I have a friend that works for Kenzies Optics so he usually brings over some cool stuff to play with every now and again. Flir has a new monocle for a helmet mount that is pretty amazing.

Welcome, looking forward to your work