Hello from Germany


Greetings from Germany.
I´m not a expert for flashlights(and english language^^), but i´m fascinated of the light output of so a little thing.
@ moment i have 5 flashlights, because sometimes i give one away, so my collection is not so/too big.

My flashlights:

-UF WF-502B P7
-Eastward J08 R5
-UF P10 R5

Budget flashlights make it easy to be a flashaholic, i love it :-)

How i use my flashlights:
(Cave pictures in 3D, but it can be viewed also in 2D. In viewer chanche "Dubois Anaglyph" to "Single Image")



(Use MTE P7, Exposure time between 2-8sec.)

Welcome Andi - good to have you here.

Hope you enjoy yourself

I agree, that's what got me started too! ;) Welcome to the forums Andi, thanks for joining! Have a great time here.

Aloha and welcome to BLF Andi!

What kind of camera did you use to take those pictures?

Hi Andi and welcome

Moin Moin and welcome to BLF. ;-)

Thanks all.

@fishinfool: I use a simple Canon Ixus100, but 2 of it(synchronized with SDM).

if you have a Canon, search about "CHDK", or "SDM". Also very useful for only one Canon camera (RAW, HDR, .....)

it´s a temp. BIOS, which is installed on the SD-Card ;-)

welcome enjoy your self

Glad to have you here.

Welcome Andi.

I like your photography.

Welcome to BLF!

Little bit fun (with red/cyan-glasses)...

and one more...

Willkomen Andi!