Hello from Germany!

Hello, i’m Steve from bavaria.
Sorry but my english isn’t so good, it’s a little bit rusty.

I collect flashlights since 2010. Primary i collect Surefire lights, now i have startet to collect Chinese-budget lights with a nice build quality.

I hope i find in this board more inspiration for futher mod Projects.

Best wishes Steve

Hey how are you doing Steve? Welcome to BLF! ^:)

Welcome uranus, I hope you like it here, and I’m sure there is enough inspiration for modding to be found!

Hi Steve,
Guten Tag!
Welcome aboard…hope you will learn as much as I have so far.

Welcome to BLF! I got my first Li-ion light off amazon.de when visiting your Land :smiley:

Hi Steve, welcome to BLF.
If you are the Uranus who has almost 1500 entries (Beiträge) on TLF, you can teach us a thing or two.

Yes, i’m uranus from TLF

What you whould know?

Uranus, any idea when TLF will be back up? Just learned about it and would like to check it out. Thanks!

I don’t know! The DSGVO regulation needs more time then planed.

(Special thanks to Mark Suckerberg & Cambridge Analytica)

I HOPE it goes back online on Weekend.

The german “Messerforum” has the same trouble at this time.

Actually, I’m glad we can carry on to acting out or flashoholism right here with our fellow flashlight addicts from allover the world. 8^) It is definitely a different taste between BLF and TLF like comparing Dr. Pepper with Fritz Cola. They both taste sweet for sure but each of them has their own unique selling proposition. :wink:

Well spoken :THUMBS-UP:

The TLF represents thousands of members, hundreds of active members, mostly in Germany;
It seems the language barriers is a reason for not posting here.
I´m sure a lot of members are reading here in the BLF

The Messerforum is back. I believe it was only down over the weekend


I think the most valid information about the return of the TLF you will get here in the BLF 8^)


BTW: Uranus, welcome here in the english section of the flashligt world

The language of light is universal :slight_smile:

Grüße Jürgen

Welcome to BLF uranus! I have found that modding flashlights is a lot of fun, and there’s lots of help and expertise here. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to mod and share with us.

welcome aboard :beer:

It's nice to see you, uranus!

Is the word "uranus" hilarious in German like it is in English?

Intriguing question…
What hilarious meaning does the word have in English? I just doublechecked with Wikipedia but couldn’t find anything hilarious so far. Is there a hidden connotation of this word only native speakers know about? :slight_smile:

BTW: Your picture reminds me that I still need to watch the final chapter of Resident Evil. :smiley:

"Uranus" sounds like "your anus" in English.

If you're really immature, like me, it's funny.


By the way, I thought that The Final Chapter was the weakest RE film, but if you've seen all the others you might at well check it out.

Ahhh…I gotcha! :smiley:

Well, Uranus is pronounciated “ooooh-raaah-nus” in German and - forgive me my misanthropy - I assume that 70% of the big mass would not even know the word at all. From the residual 30% I guess 27% would associate it with the seventh planet of our solar system. 3% might know about the Greek mythology and further connotations.

That leads us to the interesting question what connotation our new fellow member used the word for. :wink:
Maybe I should change my nickname to “Jupiter” for I am a big fan of Arthur C. Clarke’s “2001 - Space Odyssey”


Anyway…we start to get off-topic. Herzlich Willkommen Uranus! Viele Grüße aus Deutschland nach Deutschland. :slight_smile:

Four years ago, i was in Conneticut in a small City named “Mianus”
Thats bad!
“Hey Guy, where you come from?”
“From Mianus!”


By the way…to get you Americans real envious of Germany…the only true „Philadelphia“ is of course located right here in Europe…with a population of 253 inhabitants. Downtown is right in front of you left and right to the street. :smiley:

Sadly, there are no kangaroos in Austria.