Hello from India

I am a long time member of multiple interesting forums, including cpf, cpfmp, jerzeedevil, edcforums, multitools, and so on, and this is my first time here. Seems like there are quiet a few interesting discussions going on here, and is a perfect place to vent out your anger for DX, or those sites that take your money, and delivery broken goods many times. Haha.

Oh, and I am Amarendra from the city of Pune in India, and I use the same nick/handle across all forums. I am a software security engineer by profession, and am a mechanical gadget freak (yeah, that means iPads, iPhones, and the latest Xbox games are out!), but knives, lights, single-piece tools, multitools are in. So I have owned several lights (Arcs', JetBeams, Nitecores', 4Sevens, Muyshondt, several from cnqualitygoods, and a couple from DX (all broken)), knives (Sage2, Delica4, Native, BM 755MPR, and some more), SAK, Gerber Diesel multi-pliers, ByrdRench, Piranha from PocketToolX, Minnow by JDR Tools. I finally find the 1xAAA light configuration to be the most used, since it fits two primary criteria - availability and reliability. I avoid using specialized batteries, since they run costly in India, so AA and AAA work best.

Here is a photo of my present AAA collection (all are users):

Hope to have a good discussion about budget lights, since I have too much invested now. ;-) Cheers, and a hi once again.


Welcome to BLF!

Nice collection , welcome to BLF

Very nice collection choombak, you'll feel right at home here. Thanks for joining BLF! We're glad to have you.

Welcome to BLF!

Glad you joined and welcome.smile

Good of you to join us here - make yourself at home.

Nice collection of lights... what's in that last one on the right? Is that the odd sheep of the family?

Welcome to BLF, Choombak!! Sounds like you'll fit right in with us. :)

@Crux: It looks like a AAA Maglite to me. Definitely the "odd sheep" of the collection! LOL! Was there ever a dimmer LED flashlight than this?

Thanks for the warm welcome, folks - feels really good.

@crux: well, yes, its the odd sheep, but a fantastic little night-movement light without disturbing your eyes or better half. And its a legend. :-)

Choombak - I was just messing with you. My Solitaire went through the washer and dryer and still works - the finish looks pretty bad though...

One of my first mods was putting an 8mm LED and converter into one of those. But I don't think it is still waterproof.

Hello from Scotland

cheers Barrie

welcome to the forum Choombak

welcome choombak, nice to have you here

Hey Choombak! Welcome to the forum!

Pune? I've got a couple friends in pune! We had a bunch of guys seconded to us from the HSBC dev center out there a couple years back

Welcome !

And hide your wallet .

Nice to see another desi here!

- Vikas

The world is a small place! :) Thanks.

Hi and welcome from Coimbatore , India.

My main interest is AA and 18650.

Hi Choombak

I am new here myself. It looks like a great site!

I'm guessing you didn't know that BLF is a pyramid style forum ..and new guys who show lights have to give them to the older members ...

How do you think Don got so many lights ?...Extortion...:p

what else you got ..?? got pics ?? <--watch out ..it's a set up .