Hello from Louisiana

Thought I already posted a short intro here?? lol,
Oh well. So here we go again. I consider myself new to this flashlight collecting stuff. I have been into them ever since I was a kid., but had no money! So now I have a few extra bucks, I have been picking up a few lights over the last year or so. I have not done any mods yet, unless you count swapping out my ole Mag Light C with a LED. Ha.
I like using all the lights I have. None of mine are shelf queens. Nothing like navigating the house @ night with 1000 lumens! When I have a new light, I find myself excited to hear a bump in the night.
I have been reading the forum for quite a while. Enjoyed learning what I have so far. Look forward to learning more in the future.

Welcome to the forum. Join the fun and lurk no more.

Welcome to BLF! Hope you enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:


Please note BLF has recently started requiring a membership fee. You can pay it in jambalaya tho! PM for the address. :bigsmile:

Ha, we got that. Food seems to be a rather popular thing down here. Along with drinking, guns, hunting and our share of dumb people! :wink:

Oh good Lord, your username brings up memories for me!

Hello from Texas by the way! Recently moved to central Texas from Houston, and there is NO CAJUN FOOD HERE. Every time I visit home, we HAVE to go to one of my old haunts!

It's a pleasure to have you onboard, Ricflair!