Hello from Michigan!

Hi all, Just joined, have been over at CPF for quite awhile..didnt know about this place until last week, the lights being discussed are a little more in my ball park here! ;)

Best, Steve

Hi ya Steve. Welcome to better flashlight forum where you aren't monitored like a kid.

Welcome to BLF. Hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome Lite Brite. So, how's the snow?

Hi there Steve, glad you found us! Hope you enjoy your time here.


Aloha and welcome to BLF Steve!

Steve,you inspired me to join tonight, I have been lurking here for 3 months reading the posts almost daily. I have already ordered a lot of flashlights based on the information here most are Romisen, Saik and Ultrafires. My addiction began with a 9 led dollar store light, and as moved up to cree XMLs and now my addiction has morphed into a Sanrenmu Knife collection. Help me 8-) please.


Lol Rob, Well Thanks! I'm glad I inspire somebody in my life! ;) This place looks like trouble! I have already got in on the group by for the Xtar 18650 batteries and yesterday ordered a sipik sk68 clone made by Ultrafire...these affordable little lights might be the ticket for me! What a nice Welcome here as well..I think I'll get comfy and stay awhile, it snowed a bit last night here so I need to settle in for the Winter and this looks like a great spot to settle :)

Best, Steve

Steve yeah sounds like you are on your way. Just stay away from those Sanrenmu knives since that is another possible addiction if you like to own finely machined stuff at an affordable price. I grew up in the Dearborn area but live in exile out here in the sticks now.

Welcome to BLF, Steve & Rob! I am sure you'll feel right at home and fit right in. It's a friendly, knowledgeable and talented bunch here. :)



Oh that was not fair nitelight...i love knives but am not familiar with this brand..they look very nice! any suggestions on models? Thanks, Steve

welcome friend

Welcome to BLF, Steve

Try The 733 in stainless (not black) Steve it is cheap and looks like it was made by a moldmaker. The 710 and 763 are probably the two most popular. They are all under 3 inches except the 900 series so legal to carry in Michigan. Sanremu is the largest knife maker in China very well made and worth 2x to 3x the price paid IMO. I own 12 and counting. If you want to skip a trip to McDonalds and test the water tinydeal has a 704 for $5 with free shipping. Let me know what you think if you decide buy one.


Thanks Rob! they look pretty amazing for the price that's for sure! I'm sure at least a couple will find their way to me ;)

Best, Steve

Welcome Steve, good to have you here.

HAve fun.

We do!

Welcome to BLF :)

Nice find Steve, welcome ;)