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Has it going guys, new here from New York. Recently bought two flashlights, reason i went ahead and finally got into these high powered flashlights was because my dog recently got out of the house and was lost for a few days in 100 acres of land. After having to strap a car jumper pack to my back to supply my thor x 10 million candle light power spot light. I decided it was time to get something easier to carry.

So here i am. I recently ordered these two.



The king came DOA. I put batteries in it and it started to smoke. So they are sending me a replacement.

The trustfire 3800 lumen flashlight i’m actually impressed with. It has a strong out put. The first 50-60 yards it has a nice tight beam in the center. But what i really like about it is. It floods very well. My whole front yard which is the size of a football field lights up. Can;t wait to try them in the wooded areas of my 100 acres i own.

I will be looking for some smaller flashlight that run on 1 or 2 18650s that have good tight beams if anyone has suggestions.


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You will learn a lot but you will also spend a lot, not a bad thing :slight_smile:

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An HD2010 is a great thrower for a $30 price tag.

If you want something more powerful, try looking into a modified K40/TN31 or a FF4.

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Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF!


Welcome to the forum!

Welcome!! I would suggest a C8 single cell light with it's combination of compact size, throw, and output. The XinTD C8 is generally considered the flagship C8 by us, more costly, but nice options, good quality, good output as a stock light. The XinTD C8 is available here from Hank at IOS: intl-outdoor xintd-c8-v4-xml2. There are many alternatives for C8's - all cheaper, some garbage, some good values. There are lots of threads on C8's recently. LightMalls.com has some good choices of XM-L2 based C8's, some prefer the styling and heat sinking of the C-12 model, and Keygos.com has the KE-5 (keygos.com-KE-5), maybe a little dated but still a great value. On eBay, you take your chances unless the specific light is written up on postively, or good known vendor, even then, batch's can change. Forgot to mention the Convoy C8's as well from FastTect.com - also lot of options, good quality host, most have an OP reflector though usually the C8 has an SMO reflector.

Welcome to the forum.

Unless your comfortable modding, I would not go with the Ultrafire 12. I love the light, but every one I got needed some work. All had out of center emitters and one had a switch that would not work until I fixed it. The C8 doesn't really have a tight beam, but if you go that route Tom's first recommendation is the way to go.

If you want a really tight beam, the A60 is on sale right now at Walbuys for $11.30. I think code HOTTESTCUBESINWALLBUYS brings it down 10%.