Hello from Ohio

Hello everyone! I just recently bought a light from a knife forum Iā€™m involved with and now I have the fever. Looking forward to learning alot here and also having some fun. :slight_smile:

Leave while you still have money in your pocket.

Oh, and welcome!!

Welcome to BLF. It's a slippery slope after joining! We like knives too!


Welcome.......where at in ohio if u dont mind me asking

As things have evolved over here you will likely buy a knife from a light forum :-)

Welcome to BLF!

Too Late!

Thanks all for the warm welcome!

Also, Nitro, I'm from Amherst! (I recently sold a knife to a fellow knife forumite who is from Akron.)

Please enjoy your time here, slimkango!

Dead man walking !

Welcome to BLF, slimkango! :party:

first person on here that lives close to me (45min)

Welcome! You will never be the same again. >)

Welcome to the greatest place on the web to spend money on things that make light,
even though the sun gives it out for free. :bigsmile: