Hello from Poland

Hi, I would like to say hello from Poland. I am addicted to flashlights, LEDs and lumens from many years and now wanted to join BLF!

Witamy na BLF! :beer:

Hello :slight_smile: Got any pics of your lights?

Welcome! Poland is awesome. Keep defending European culture.

Hi Missieek,

If you’re already addicted, I’ll just say “Welcome”!

Splott-Light :slight_smile:

One of my previous flashlight.

Photography is my second hobby :slight_smile:


Wow that’s a great pic :slight_smile: really pretty.

Hey m8! Nice to meet you, you have quite nice girls out there….nearly married one of them 13 years ago :slight_smile: rofl

Welcome to BLF!


Well captured, nice photo.

S-L :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy your stay, missieek!

Witamy :smiley:

Siema! :slight_smile: