"Hello" from San Francisco!

Hey everyone! I've been lurking for about a week and finally decided to put down my things and introduce myself. I've been shopping for several light systems for my family in an EDC, emergency, firearm and BOB roles.

I want first off thank everyone for their invaluable insight so far in helping a newb like me find his way through the endless varieties of lights available and I hope to return the favor the best I can.

After doing several days of intense research here at BLF, I decided on pulling the trigger on my first legit light and jumped in with both feet ordering a Solar Force L2R from solarforce-sales.com. After reading some of the horror stories about batteries maiming people, I opted to start slow and run with a AA setup. It's my sincere hope that you folks guide me through the next several levels... the XML lights are looking pretty sexy right about now.

Well anyway, thanks ahead of time for your help!

Hello fellow San Franciscan, welcome. Hold on tight to your wallet, according to Boaz, some crazy person will use your $ to buy a lot of flashlights.

Welcome to BLF GraveTrain!

Aloha and welcome to BLF GraveTrain!

"I left my heart camcorder cap in San Francisco!" No really, I did! ;)

Welcome aboard GraveTrain.

Welcome GraveTrain! I'm sure you'll be happy with that first light... but it WILL make you want more and more lights no doubt. My first "real" light several years ago was 200 lumens and at the time I thought I would never need any more light than that. Now I own lights that have a low-mode that is more than 200 lumens. :D Enjoy your stay.

How do you think I financed my first light? LOL

welcome Gravetrain. Go xm-l and lithium batteries. You won't go back. Just buy good batteries and measure them with a dmm. You will be okay

Lurkers Rule!

Yeah... and now I'm a lurker with a light!