Hello from South Carolina

Hello! I’m new here and joined get LED flashlight info and information on LED flashlights. After years of carrying around pocketfuls of extra batteries the advent of power sipping LED lights is very interesting.

Thanks for this forum and for all the thoughtful posters.

Welcome Aboard !! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the madness, Pinetreebbs!

Welcome to the forums……hope you enjoy your stay and may your wallet stay Empty….lol.

Welcome from another South Carolinian.

Fun place to be.

Welcome from just above in north Carolina.

Another welcome from NC. I’m new too. Just signed up today.

I like the looks of that Damascus blade, raccoon city. I used to collect knives in a big way, but I gave it up years ago.

Thank you all for the warm welcome, much appreciated.

That picture is very familiar. It's a Spyderco Damascus Mule with African Olive wood scales finished by E3 Custom Knives.

I have a growing collection of budget knives... but I don't have any with Damascus steel!

I've wanted a Damascus Kershaw assisted-opener for quite a while now.


I carry the Kershaw Leek, for everyday use.

I was doing the same thing until I started collecting Spydercos. I wait and save up for one knife, unfortunately for my knife collection I seem to be transferring my knife money to flashlights.

This is the sister knife to the one above. It is scaled with Redwood burl:

Hey and welcome to BLF, ebbs and Rich! Used to live in NC and Georgia myself.

Welcome Pinetreebbs and RichLee.

BLF is a good forum for flashlights & peoples are very friendly as well!

Thanks for the welcomes. :slight_smile:

Welcome Pinetreebbs and RichLee! What part of S.C. are you from? I'm in Moncks Corner, just NW of Charleston...

Welcome both of you! I spent two years in NE Georgia and miss the south!


Thanks again for the welcomes.

North Augusta on the Georgia border. I’ve been to Monks Corner. I went there with a group replacing roofs removed by Hurricane Hugo. Before the family moved to South Carolina I was working here for about two months and needed something to do on the week ends.