Hello from South Wales UK

Hello all,

Love the forum have recently got the bug and started buying loads of flashlights, as you do.

Looking forward to being part of the forum.



Welcome aboard, Gazo. :slight_smile:

Welcome, great place here!!!

Welcome to the family, Gazo! What lights have you purchased so far and what are your favorite types?

Thanks all for the welcome

JohnnyMac my favorite type of torch is the AAA I have collected to date

ThruNite Ti in black, blue, green, gold
ThruNite T20
Fenix E01
Fenix E15
Maglite Solitaire
Maglite 2D (just ordered a LED bulb) had this about 12 years
Hugsby P2
Skyray King
Rofis JR20
TrustFire Cree XM-L T6 3800LM ( in the post as we speak)
Maratac™ AAA “Copper”
Streamlight Sidewinder (On the way from the US)
and 4 other cheap Chinese torches.

Do you think I have the bug yet :slight_smile:

Nice! I have several on your list. You are off to a great start! 8)

G’day mate. Welcome :slight_smile:

welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club, and keep your credit card/Paypal account handy … :slight_smile:

Croeso gazo :slight_smile:

Apparently so. :nerd_face:

Welcome to BLF.

(I had to come up with this post on my own since BetweenRides hasn’t responded yet and I couldn’t just copy and past)

Welcome to the forum. Do you enjoy taking them apart?

Welcome to the BLF !

Thanks all for the warm welcome :wink:

It's nice of you to join us, Gazo!

Yes, got to see how it all works :wink: