Hello from Texas

After following posts for a few months I finally decided to join. Looking forward to interacting with other flashlight enthusiasts.

Howdy from H-Town :slight_smile:

Hello!! :)

Welcome to BLF!


Have a nice time here, crookedimauri!


so many people from texas lately :smiley:
welcome aboard and prepare your wallet even if this site has the word budget on it :wink:

Hi and welcome Mr crooked. What are you joining in on? Going broke?

Howdy Pilgrim… err, I mean partner and welcome to BLF fellow Texan.

Howdy fellow Texan

You might take some o that advice and hide your wallet before you delve too deeply within this realm. :wink:

Glad to have ya, enjoy!

Sup dude! I’m from Houston, living in San Marcos, and working in Austin for a company based out of Carrollton… Gotta love Texas.

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF, crookedimauri! :party:

Enjoy your stay… :bigsmile: