Hello from the Moth man

Hello folks, name’s Rob, I’m an electrical engineer from Pt Pleasant WV (where the MothMan hails from). I’m not new to flashlights at all but I am new to forums about them. I thought about joining that “other forum” but after doing some lurking there I didn’t want to put up with the forum nazi’s.

I have one question, I’ve never used a forum that uses this software, is there a way to see that I’ve posted in a thread like how vBulletin adds a star icon?

I’m into guns, trucks & 4 wheeling (I built a 4door 4wd 96 V8 S10 I take the family out in), flashlights and lighting, tools, wife and I have 3 kids and plenty of animals (we have 4 dogs at the house and board horses just down the street which I provide them all vet care myself, including surgeries) were also “preppers” tho were not crazy about it or anything we currently have 1 year of food for the 5 of us AND all our animals along with 650gal of water stored and a human powered (hand cranked) filtration system to make more from a nearby stream.

I am into EDC gear, my EDC “load out” is a huge first aid kit in the car (very large and fully stocked it also has a large craftsman flex-head pry bar attached to it for whatever I might need to force open, move with leverage/ whatever else I can use it for). On me at all times I carry a smaller bleeder bag, 2 flashlights (a new quark QP2L-X Burst mode and a backup single AA in my pocket usually a zebralight H51 or an olight s15) I also carry a leatherman MUT multitool and a pair of trauma shears (in a custom made ripoffs holster along with my quark) and rubber gloves in a little packet on my belt along with a smaller pocket knife in my pocket (right now a spyderco Delica4 but I switch it up every few months) and my G29 in an IWB holster and a .223 savage rifle in my car (I have a current CWP)

Well I think that’s about it for my intro, any questions just ask.

Welcome! :slight_smile:
Interesting to hear about medical stuff for EDC. Reminds me that I should refresh my first aid certificate soon. :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF, Rob! :party:

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Thank you Chloe, I have my subscriptions turned off, I was mostly hoping the icon would change to show if I’ve posted in that thread right from the sub-forum pages like on vBullein, it makes it so much easier to follow threads I’ve participated in. Oh well, I’ll live.

I would highly recommend everyone carry a small “bleeder kit” on their persons at all times, it could literally mean the difference between life & death for you or someone else. I carry a pack of granular quik-clot, a 6” Isralie trauma bandage, several squares of 4x4” gauze and a tourni-quick (one handed [so you can use it on yourself] tourniquet), gloves are a must however I carry them separate on my belt so none are in my bleeder bag, also band aids and antibiotic ointment [i carry these in my wallet]. Even if you never use it, consider that a good thing to have but never need.

My big FAK (that goes with me in the car) is a full surgery kit, stocked with everything to perform minor surgeries, IV saline, stitch (and/or staple) kits for bigger cuts, all sorts of drugs, another thing a lot of people overlook is sugar packets for diabetic issues, numerous sizes/shapes/types of gauze, compression bandages (both the isralie bandages and cheaper “vet wrap”) alcohol/peroxide/iodine, spare batteries (I also have more spares and a charger that stay in the car), a headlamp (you need both hands to work on people) and tons tons more stuff, there is not a situation I can imagine I’m not ready for.

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to BLF! I happen to be staying in WV for a weekend getaway (though I don't know where Pt Pleasant is). -Garry


Hi, Welcome! Ok, so, did you ever see the Moth Man? Got any good stories? I saw the Mountain Monsters show on the Moth man - it's interesting and funny at the same time.

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