Hello From the Pacific Northwest

Hello. I came here because I have been building flashlights and doing projects with LEDs since 2017. I take old and useless lights and make them better for cheap… 2W bulb to 100W COB in a small’ish form factor light is my biggest achievement. I am always looking for more power, but I’m new to the smaller emitters, pills, tailcap switches, and drivers used on here. I started 2 projects based on an XHP70.2 6v emitter from a plastic 2D host and need guidance, so I hope to find it here, share knowledge, and get to help out when I can!


Welcome to BLF and good luck with your projects.


Welcome, I'm just down the road a piece in Beaverton.

It's a pleasure to have you onboard, Sirstinky!

Groovy. You are 20 minutes down the I5!

The exciting new (to me) Manaker BLF A6 in BLUE! Welcome aboard Sirstinky!

Welcome. This is a great place.

Welcome to BLF and greetings from Berlin, Germany on the other side of the planet. :-)

Interesting fact: I didn't know there's a "Vancouver" in Washington state. So far, I only knew about the one in Canada.

I once had the chance to visit the "other" Berlin in New Hampshire (a very nice city by the way) with about 10,000 inhabitans compared to Berlin, Germany with 3.6 million. :-D

Yep! You’re not the only one to think that. If you can believe it, I’ve never been there! I’d like to visit Bavaria,Luxembourg, and Austria, and see Berlin and the Ardennes someday. So much history!