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Hi guys!

I thought I would sign up and say hello after following these forums for a few weeks. I am a recent convert to 18650 batteries and high power flashlights. I have used Mountain bike lights for night riding for years, starting off with some homemade ones using halogen MR11 bulbs and a drill battery and last year moving on to Magicshine MJ-872. However I have recently got a dog and needed a flashlight for walking at night (bikelights aren’t so easy to carry around). I ordered a cheap 18650 XM-L zoomie with battery and charger off ebay and was blown away with how bright the single emitter was.

I have now ordered a EDC18650/Convoy S3 host, Cree XM-L2 T6 4C Noctigon and a 8*7135 driver and AR glass from intl-outdoors (which is taking forever to arrive). I am hoping to desolder and connect some of the AMC7135 VDD pins to a small dip switch so that I can change the driver from 1.4A to 2.1A or 2.8A if required for longer run times and lower lows.

I have really enjoyed reading this forum and would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this wealth of information.


hi James, welcome.

I see that you are well underway in making your perfect flashlight. Interesting approach with the dipswitches, as a mod I like the novel idea, but in practice you will not see a whole lot of difference between 1.4A and 2.8A, perhaps 350mA is a better low (just one 7135 switched on).

Welcome to BLF, James! :party: Looking forward to read about your Convoy mod!

Thanks for the advice, not having owned different drivers I wasn’t sure how big a difference there was. I understand that the increase in lumens with current is logarithmic so 1.4 -> 2.8 doesn’t double light output. Most of the time I would rather have something with long battery life and high efficiency but I would also like to be able to use the full power if I want. I had looked at the qlite driver but it seemed to have a hit or miss moonlight mode with the XM-L2 emitters and also the mid setting was a little lower.

At the moment I think an ideal driver would have lo-med-high 1.4A (driving half the 7135's) and lo-med-high 2.8A if this could be setup so you can change modes using the tailswitch ( like the convoys from fasttech - go to low and wait for a blink to change modes) that would be great.

Anyone know the best way for a stable moonlight mode on a XM-L2? I am unsure if it is the low current or a PWM problem with the AMC7135 chips.

Thanks for joining the party, James_UK!

Howdy and welcome aboard. I’m not a lot of help on those smaller drivers but I do know that XP-G2’s are much more powerful than people think and work good in moonlight mode. They are also more throwy when using a small reflector so if you need more flood it might not be for you. The one smaller XML light that I have that works well with a moonlight mode has dimming/ramping or infinite modes. It’s a crelant 7G2CS. So I’m not sure but you might consider using a ramping driver for that. But really I think you have probably made as fine choice and will enjoy it the way you have it planned.

Good luck and have fun.

Hello James and welcome to the forum!

hi James and welcome from across the border.

a ramping driver would be one way to achieve what you want but good ones are few and far between.

I would also second 18sixfifties suggestion, give a noctigon mounted xp - g2 a try at 3a or so, they are extremely useful, just some people are hung up on xm-ls
Dr jones does some very interesting programs for the 105c nanjg drivers if you want some ideas

Hi James and welcome to BLF ! ! ! :party:

eee, by gum lad. One of each please.