Hello from Turkey

Hello everyone, i live in Turkey. i’m sifujack and you also say gaziumur . my life place is often cut off electricity so i must have a quality flashlight.

i want 1*10440/AAA flashlight, i’m between them bronte RA01 and tank007 E09. Which should I choose? or what is your advice 1*AAA/10440 flashlight ?

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Try using the search feature here, to find reviews on what you are looking at. It only takes a minute and your questions might be answered in the reviews.



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What part of Turkey do you live in? I lived in Adana for two years and had a chance to travel all over that beautiful country.

I have the Tank007 E09 and it has held up quite well. I don’t know how it would do on a 10440 but on an AA it is just fine.


thanks, i read rewiews five days


my home: izmir , work:diyarbakir. i usually live in diyarbakir . thanks

what do you enjoy drinking?

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Been to both of them. As well as İskenderun, Istanbul and a bunch of others. Use to go to various castles as well, Castle by the Sea, Black Castle, Snake Castle etc.

Love the food! My wife is Arabic so I have a lot of access to the Mediterranean diet. :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Does turkey have a lot of turkeys there?

Welcome sifujack. I personally has had bad experience with the E09. Firstly while it is working - it has horrible PWM on mid and low. Secondly my E09 self-destruct within months of purchase, even though I use it very lightly. Only fed with alkaline AAA, no leak, not much of a scratch on it… just simply stopped working.

My other AAA was a Thrunite Ti, it has been on my keychain and EDC’d for at least two years straight, and never failed. It has been dropped and scratched and crunched, but will light up whenever needed.

Maybe I received a lemon on the E09 but nevertheless that’s my experience with it.

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The country’s name has nothing to do with bird turkey.
its original name is Turkiye (which means Land of Turks.) Cumhuriyeti (Republic)
We produce and export chicken to neighbors, not much turkey sold on markets except New Year Eve.
I prefer Turkiye instead of Turkey.



turkey bird is originally from America, if you look into it you will see how the bird ended up being called like that based on the country name Turkey. I assume turk is turk (more or less) in any language but I am pretty sure that the turkey (the bird) is not called turkey at all, except for English speaking countries.

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i have been twice in Istanbul and 3 weeks ago i stayed in side for vacation…
i really like the people and the food.