Hello from US-Florida

I’m hoping this flashlight thing will not become as big a problem as many other things I’ve jumped into. Bought my first good flashlight 6 months or so ago…. Zebralight SC600, love it and that has got the juices going. I wanted to try a few clones just to see the quality vs price thing…… I’ve ordered a few 501’s, 502’s, 5ea. 7W 300LM Mini CREE LED, and 4ea. 3W LED AA Handy Camping Flashlights. Now I’m after a average quality C8 type torch, any advice would be welcomed….I appreaciate people with knowledge but some of you guys…. are way over the top :o)

BTW I live in sunny Florida and wanted to say hi to all.


welcome Bob! Looks like you are off to a good start. any idea what you use for these lights will be? just got back from a weeks camping/driving along the emerald coast. just beautiful!


Welcome to BLF,Bob looks like you have a good start-zebralight is nice.Pretty soon you'll be buying more if you hang around here long enough,lots of bad influence.The c8 is nice to start with and there's plenty of them to choose from but I haven't bought one recently so I'll leave that for someone else to recommend.My current favorite is the small sun zy-t13,can be had for $26 and is one heck of a thrower at that price point.

Ahahahaha! Good luck, Bob! Welcome to BLF.

Welcome welcome!

C8 torch: XinTD

Select-able modes and LEDs on checkout. Trust me you’ll love it.

Surely you need one with a red led. I recommend this Brinyte BR01 from DX

Oh yeah, welcome!

I hope you have fun here, bcalvary!

G’day mate. Welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry, not a fan of C8s.

Manafont UltraFire UF-980L though, now THAT’s a light :smiley:

Hey, Bob and welcome to BLF!