Hello from Virginia Beach, VA

Just wanted to say a little something about myself on this soon to be great forum. Im an Asian Filipino that resides in Virginia.......i have a ratty named Sheba and three wonderful kids and our little one is 16months, what a great age for them- always have a smile on my face. My hobbies are RC's of the onroad variety, collecting flashlights of course and last but not least im an avid Ghosthunter. I guess that last bit goes well with flashlights....lol. I did 4 years in the U.S. Army and im actually thinking about going back because of the economy being down. I have an Associates degree in computer I T and love tinkering on them. What else can i say, dont want to bore you guys, lmao. I got into this hobby because i got tired of carrying around a 3 D cell Maglight around for outdoor investigations, there just has to be a light that was smaller and brighter instead of lugging around a big light. I did a search and one of the main forums that popped up was CPF so of course i registered and that was that.......wrong i ended wanting more lights and my wallet got lighter and lighter. And for the members of this board please call me Al........

Thanks for presenting yourself, nice to meet ya!

And of course you Mr. Admin......lol.

Welcome to BLF

Welcoming committee is slipping!


alfreddajero joined 1.21.10. Welcome long time member.

I see what you did there...

You well-established BLF members are just greeting "newbies" to increase your post count! :p


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This is your new home, alfreddajero!

Gee,I thought his name looked familiar, doh!

Thanks guys for the warm welcome…lol.


Anyone here live in Chesapeake or Va beach.

Back from these long years lol.

Nice to see old members re-appearing !

Thanks, there is still one thing I still collect and that’s batteries and flashlights. Now I have a thing for lanterns……lol.

Welcome back, alfreddajero!