Hello, guys! I'm new here!

Hey, guys,

So glad to join you to be here. I like flashlights, just because they can offer security feelings when I’m alone, and you know, maybe somebody thinks it will make you the focus at night, but I just like them!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

G’day Avaaa, welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

Welcome and hello from Scotland

You should find plenty of bright lights here without breaking the bank

Welcome to BLF, Avaaa.

Welcome abroad Avaaa :beer:

Cornelis Vreeswijk is more famous in Sweden than he is in the Netherlands, (but I like many of his dutch songs, I don't know any of his swedish songs). djozz ( who is also from Amsterdam , welcome Avaaa )

Welcome to BLF, Avaaa!

Hi all.
Have been hovering around you folk for some time, have seen some very useful info. & have obtained a couple of (Rofis) units following your comments about their quality of construction & i’ve not been disappointed. The Blackshadow “Padme” has some good figures (for me) but i’ve not seen any comments about the quality of this unit. Does anyone know how well these units are made? If it is of any use, this light would be used in a “search & rescue” situation, & the published data of (medium setting of) 300 lumens for 12+ hours on “AA” cells is perfect for me for the area I operate in.


We're glad that you joined, Avaaa!

Welcome to the forum, Avaaa.

Groetjes !

Welcome to BLF! You’ll love being here! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the brightness… :smiley:

G’day mate :bigsmile: enjoy your stay.

Wow, thank you, all!

So glad to be here and really nice to see you all, so friendly!!
I’m a layman on flashlight, so there must be a lot needing help from you guys! :8)