Hello, I am Jason

Hello, everyone, I am Jason.

Actually, I have been BLF for some time from last year, but for some reasons, I can not use my old account, so here is my new account and it just represent myself.

I left the job, but do not want to leave flashlight and BLF.

Welcome (back).

If I find some cool flashlights in China, I would like to group buy it with your guys.
If you know a cool flashlights, I will see if I can bargain its price with group buy. :slight_smile:

Jason! Great to have you back, buddy! I was hoping you wouldn't be leaving BLF after you parted ways with Aurabuy. :)

Welcome (back)!

BLF is a nice forum with so many nice guys, I really love here.

I hope you enjoy your stay & keep coming back, jasonhewet!

Re-welcome Jason!

Hey Jason/Kevin!

Welcome back!

Hey, Jason! Really glad to see you back!
Hopefully you have had a good travelling!
We all miss U much!!! :slight_smile:

Hi Jase. You came back. Thanks .

Hi Jason! Welcome back to BLF! :party:

Welcome back, Jason!