Hello, I'm Gun

Thanks sorotantaz :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a really great forum!

So just as I’ve decided that the SkyRay takes too many batteries and that I’m not getting it, you turn up :wink:
Yes I won’t get the i2 charger, I’ll get the i4. Yes I’ll get these batteries.

Now I’ve got a desicion to make :expressionless:

EDIT: I always post my response then notice that while I’ve been typing mine, you guys have all posted again :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help all of you. I guess the SkyRay is a lot better. I’m still deciding though :wink:

You are doing good, we really like Fasttech, so you might buy there. Also the I4 is cheaper there…Good Luck, Gun…


Okay, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I read something that said with the SkyRay you need a certain type of batteries, out of flat and “nipple” type batteries, I was told one of them wouldn’t work (Can’t remember which it was). Will THESE ones will be okay?

Also, I thought that SkyRays only came in 2000 lumens, the fasttech one (HERE) says that it is 2500 lumens, is this true?

@2500 lumens… No, not true. I ordered one of the ‘2500’ lumen ones. When I received it. The paperwork said 2000 lumens.

Thanks Dale, I didn’t think so. Do you know what I’m saying with the battery question, or am I just too hard to understand? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll want to get ‘tabbed’ or batteries with nipples. I just tried both in my SRK… The flat tops didnt work.

Okay thanks, will THESE be okay?

Also, I signed up on The Flashlight Emporium :slight_smile:

Yes. Those are good for SRK.

Ps. Welcome to BLF!

Okay thanks, and I assume they’d be fine for the XinTD C8 and the Sun ZT-T08?

I’m getting so confused, lol. Which one did you guys say was better; XinTD C8 or the Sun ZT-T08? I’m really liking the look of the XinTD from HERE :slight_smile:

hi, gun

Hi Sean, welcome to BLF :)

I think that BLF mantra is “get them both” :)… Seriously though, it’s a tough decision…

Yup! So buy what you can afford now. Buy bought if you can. :beer:

Watch out on that i4 charger. Some have been bad (Gords burned up in smoke and mine overcharges way too high. I have my sights set on the new SoShine 4 bay charger for about $30 that HKJ recently reviewed.

Also, have a look at the Convoy M1 for a nice quality light with w bright spill and some THrow. See JOhnnyMacs review.


Really? I thought the i4 was a good charger, maybe not then.

Yes I’ve been recommended that light a couple of times, I’ll check it out now :slight_smile:

We are glad that you're here , Mr. Gun
You'll soon be quite bright ( if you'll pardon the pun)
Now there is no need
to your budget exceed
Your enlightenment has just begun

With your new light your friends you will stun
And believe me , when all's said and done
You will not long lament
The amount that you've spent
Because playing with flashlights is fun

^^^^ Wow ! You got JackRolled right off the bat !

Haha, thanks Jack. So you think I should just go all out and get the SkyRay?

Hey Sean, we'll have to stop meeting like this :D

Welcome buddy