Hello!!! new

Hello, I’ve been watching the web months, I do not write much because my English is very bad :_(

I have a lot of flashlights: Ultrafire C8, Convoy S2, SkyRay King, Fenix TK35, Ultrafire Mini01, BlackCat AAA, Nitecore Sens AA, DQG 18650 II, Ultrafire TR-J18, Ultrafire E08…… and some more that I can not remember right now :bigsmile:

Hola. Nice collection you have there!

Don't worry about your English here. Welcome to BLF Retiro675. You're among friends.

welcome ad my english ist the bad you are find here :Sp

and some more that I can not remember right now

Your English is great but your memory is very bad :slight_smile:

Bienvenido al foro, tu inglés esta bien, ni te preocupes


Hi and welcome retiro675. Glad to see you here. My language is English and I get it wrong most of the time.

It's a pleasure to have you onboard, retiro675!

Welcome to BLF! You speak English better than many Americans! :bigsmile:

No worries. You’re fluent in lumens.

Yeah, what he said. :slight_smile:

Welcome, retiro.

Howdy and welcome to BLF.

wow :bigsmile: , thank you for warm welcome!

veo que hay muchos que hablan castellano, me alegra!

my nickname have 675 by bike I had in the past (grey bike) :

Welcome to BLF!