Hello one more kid from Spain

Hi everybody, I ´m from Spain , next to mediterranean sea.

I´m glad to share info with all, I have seen the forum for several months and I have to recognize

all you are on top of flashlight, yeah

I love make DIY and flashligh as possible, I haven´t many tools to do great things , but I tried.

It´s all friends, sorry for my english but i don´t want to use google traslator ¡¡

Hope I will learn a lot on this forum

Welcome to our little family, Juanitor7!!

Welcome to BLF!

Aloha and welcome to BLF juanitor7!

Welcome.... You are in the good forum!

Hola juanitor7 estoy aprendiendo espanol. Vivimos en Frigiliana circa de Malaga , tu encontraras muchos amigos aqui. (please correct my Spanish every little helps)

Welcome to BLF! You'll love being here, and we'll love reading about your mods. A real win-win situation.. :)

Your English is just fine and you seem very friendly. Good to have you,

Keith (who"s Spanish is not very good *non existent*)

Hi and welcome to BLF, juanitor7!

Nice to see you here Juanitor7!

I am not that good with english but if you need any help, just let me know.

welcome to BLF

Just two little things, "circa" should be "cerca" (close to / near), and espanol I believe you said it because your keyboard does not have the "ñ".

I hope you enjoy living in Malaga, nice weather, not like here in the north (santander) where it rains as much as in the

UK in general, but with a better temperature.

Welcome to blf.

Welcome to the BLF Juanitor7, don't worry about your English you're doing better with it then some of our native born members LOL.

Muchas gracias yavi, you are correct my keyboard doesn't have Spanish alphabet , apparently it was 38 degrees in Sevilla last week that is ridiculous not even June yet, only 28 here in Malaga nice

Hi Juanitor. Welcome to BLF.

Bienvenido, Juanitor.

I love the Costa Del Sol...

Welcome !

Welcome to BLF, Juanitor7

Bienvenido Juanito XD

Its nice to see all , you gave to me a great welcome ¡¡ the matter is ... why i can not come here before? , hehe, It´s hard to explain, I think I will feel good in BLF, many friendly people ,

Some people I know from other forums and websites, with the past of years i realize don´t mind the country you come , we are a comunity moving around the world, we will make the best.

thanks a lot to all ¡¡.

Gracias a todos por la bienvenida, a unos os conozco paisanos mios y otros no, ¿pero que mas da? lo importante es compartir info , lugares, procedimientos, pensamientos ....

Bueno chavales, que gracias por acogerme a esta, nuestra comunidad.