Hello to all

Hi to all I’ve been lurking for a bit and decided to join. Started on eBay with the $10 led tactical 18650 zoomable light claiming super brightness and as you all know I was not impressed. Lol so to the forums I went, I was still impatient being I wanted bright and after a little research I ordered the convoy s2+ then came back here researching more which led to me realizing I didn’t order what I would have wanted had I researched more… I had ordered 7135x6 having no idea what this meant. So after I figured out what it meant I had to buy another in 7135x8. Then I still wanted more so ended up getting the astrolux c8 xplhi so far it’s my favorite. Can’t believe what you can get for around 20 bucks. The quality looks great to me.
Then I saw this fireflies E07!! And had to have so I ordered it in black xplhi cw 6500k from bangood. After my 3 week wait my package arrived yesterday and in the Package was a $3 phone holder!!!
So has anyone else had this happen with bangood? Going to probably start a separate thread for this issue but just wanted to introduce myself.
My name is Jake and I’m in the US in Kentucky I have several hobbies motorcycles being the main one. I also have been into RC from a very young age both surface and air.

Thanks for stopping by, Jaketheone4646!


I guess you have to start a thread on here when your new to get recognized? It is not the case on Two other forums I belong to.

I wish you well on here. :smiley:

I’ve not seen it before either on other forums but thought I’d be polite and say hello.

I totally understand My comment was a bit of sarcasm, not towards you.

Been on here six days and no one has yet to say anything. Other forums I’ve got welcomed from the beginning and didn’t have to start a thread ! That was my point sorry for the misunderstanding.

Ok wait, what?

You were a phone holder?

I’d understand a different light, but a phone holder?

That’s really strange.

Anyway, hello, and welcome to both of you.