Hello World

It’s not a Digispark, from Digistump, which would cost about $8. If they had stock, which seems increasingly unlikely given that this unfair “competition” AKA blatant cloning, carries on.

Just a knock-off.

Drive to the bottom, then be surprised when the true innovators have to give up.

Whether that troubles you is another matter. Meanwhile you may still be able to download binaries and source from Digistump to use on this.

Not really. The digispark design is open source under CC-BY-SA 3.0 I suppose they shouldn’t be calling it a Digispark. But would it really matter if it was a Digisparc or DoggieSpark?

(emphasis mine)

Looks like Digistump are doing fine.

Thank you, Yes I am sure I will need some help. I am not to that point yet.
I am happy at this point to make contact with the Atiny 13 on a scrap driver. I will soon get set up with a better driver, switch and led to test on.

I flashed my D4 with Anduril. But broke off a resistor and then the switch wire.

Just used the Hex file, didn’t do any thing special.

I downloaded simple momentary UI just to see if I could flash it to driver from the code.

When I avr-gcc. I get errors on the uint8_t (and16t) compiler suggest unint128_t.