Hello I'm gen1.3_

New to BLF, hope to learn lots.

Welcome to BLF, Gen1.3_! I can pretty much guarantee that you WILL learn lots...and SPEND lots too!!

Thanks. Lol … I’m gonna have to request a credit increase. So many nice lights!!!

You have to be preemptively pleasant to your significant other. They will wonder why you're being so nice but it helps soften the blow when the manila envelopes begin arriving with alarming frequency. I actually have yet to discover an effective strategy to frame my flashlight wiredness into something logical in appearance.


The best game on BLF, trying to beat Fishinfool (official BLF greeter) to the punch greeting new members.
Welcome gen 1.3

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF! Like JohnnyMac says, you'll learn (and spend) a lot here!

I find what works best for me is to include some Hello Kitty, Super Mario Bros., or similar items with my orders to give to my SO. That keeps her happy knowing I'm thinking about her and not just buying stuff for myself. Of course, she has still been getting a little inquisitive about my collection lately... I think it's time that I slow down a bit. Maybe just one more XML emitter... of course that needs a new reflector... and driver... Wait; I might as well just buy the entire dropin! There... That should work... and since I'm making an order; I guess I should go ahead and order a couple of extra 14500 cells... and those will need a charger.. there, done! No, wait! I meant to order that XML emitter for another project; I better go ahead and add that back on. And I almost forgot! My MIL stole my Romisen RC-G2! I need to order a replacement! Great. That should be it now... Oh! DX just got a bunch of new budget knives in! I better take a look at those before I order... Hmmm... this one looks nice and is inexpensive; I'll add it! Wait, I like this other knive as well... Which one. I can't decide... They aren't expensive; I guess I'll just get both... (repeat forever)

LOL..Very well said.

Thank you everyone for you're hospitality.

Hey now....that's my job!

Aloha and welcome to BLF Gen1.3_!

Hi there gen1.3_, we're very glad to have you here! Hope you find BLF useful, and enjoy your time here!