I am Ellen from HENGYU ELECTRONICS CO,LTD- Our site specializing in many kinds of flashlights. If you are interested in flashlights, welcome to our site.

At the same time, I saw many flashlights knowledge in this forum, I would love to learn,it is very helpful for me to enrich my knowledge of flashlights

Hope we can study from each other in the future.

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Have a pleasant time at this friendly forum, ellen9366!

USA friend,Nice to meet you!

Welcome to BLF, Ellen! :party:

Thank you!

Welcome! Have fun learning… :bigsmile:

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF ellen9366 :)

nice to meet you ,everyone.

thank you!

Welcome Ellen!

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Thank you ! Bacon

What is the price of the ADEGA49?

The price is 29.5/PCS



Hello Ellen

We contacted your company not long ago asking for prices on all your flashlights. The person who was answering for your company would not send prices even after four requests in a row. We considered this as an unwillingness to do business so we gave up with anything Adega. We even sent part of a message in Chinese but still no prices. Perhaps your company does not even have any lights for sale at this moment.

This response is not meant to be mean but with a quite unexpected response from Adega to even provide prices (since your company sells directly) then what else is anyone to imagine?

Dear Friend,

Don’t say like this ,we have many flashlights ,as we are so busy ,some time we dont have time to relpy all emails ,If you really would like to purchase we can do it.


Thanks for your attention

This is the first thing I look for when I’m trying to decide if I want to engage in commerce with someone… an upfront promise that they will not return emails. That’s a recipe for success.

I wonder if the sarcasm will be lost in translation?

Dear Ellen

The thing is that we DID receive timely replies to our every message. We were told we would receive prices but each email gave no prices - only a promise that the prices would be provided. The prices were never provided. These emails were sent back and forth over a period of just two days and that was over a week ago since we received the last email.

So you see? Unless people receive prices on every flashlight for which they ask no one is going to buy any of them since no one knows what they cost.

As a gesture of good faith, how about posting the prices of every flashlight Adega sells?