could you let me know your email box? I will send all price to you shortly ,
Thanks for your attention

Private Message sent. The response will be reported here.

Is there some reason the prices should not be posted publicly (unless there is some forum rule about this)?

Glad your here

Dear all friends,

Thanks for your support.


Have not yet received a return PM as of yet. No prices available then?

Received a PM but with absolutely NO prices.

Dear Friend,

Could you let me know your email box ,I will send by separate email to you ,

and I would like to send all the pictures and the details to you as well ,

Thanks for your attention ,


Dear Ellen9366 could you post pictures and prices of your lights here in this post for everyone to see :slight_smile:


The details and pictures of Adega flashlights are on your website for everyone to see. If you and your company are serious about doing business please post prices here. There is no need for members to give out their private email addresses to obtain prices.

Already we all see just how difficult it is to receive prices from you and your company. This speaks of the future if someone did make a purchase and had a problem what kind of service could they expect since a simple thing as the price cannot even be obtained?

Pls wait ,I will send

Thanks for your attention

but I think this whole deal is a pure waste of time. If it looks like a duck……

Maybe this?

Any comments, please ?

Asking for flashlight prices became fruitless. Lastly on 29AUG14 she said [quote=ellen9366] Pls wait ,I will send [/quote] and that was all we have ever heard from her and the Adega company and HENGYU ELECTRONICS CO,LTD ever since.

The End.

How about YOU send information to US posted in public in this thread prices and specifications for every flashlight you sell to start?