Newbie from Spain, I thought it was time to register after several months of reading :slight_smile:


welcome to BLF.

Welcome to BLF!


Welcome to BLF forums!

Welcome to BLF Anto :slight_smile:

You have come to the right place, ant0!

Welcome! Nice place to hang out… Tell us about your lights!

Hi and welcome ant0. You spanish are so good at sports. Whats your interest in lights?

Hey ant :slight_smile:

Welcome ant0!

Welcome to BLF

Thank you all for your warm welcome, and please forgive me if I make any mistake, english isn’t my native language.

You’re the guilty, I decided to register today because of your thread “Group Buy - BLF X6-SE” :bigsmile:

As a newbie I got a poor collection: SK68 (my first led love :stuck_out_tongue: ), some Convoys (C8, S2), Solarstorm SC01, SingFire SF-348, SRK 6 XML2, … All of them cheap lights, my only premium are I3S and SRT7. Ah, also purchased recently a big dog: K40M from Wallbuys “instant kill” :heart_eyes:

About the first sentence… well, maybe I’m not too spanish :nerd_face:
About the second one… they shine!!!

Welcome to BLF ant0 :bigsmile: