Helmet mount with tilt control?

Hi, I have reviewed a lot of info on bike mounts for handheld, 1x18650 lights, including a couple of threads here. Some mentions to using them as helmet lights is also available, but still I have not found what I am looking for. I need recommendations on a simple device to mount a convoy S2 or M2, or any other similar light to a bike helmet.

I know that there are lots of option, personally I use the “typical 2 fish models like ”this one”:http://www.focalprice.com/LFD03B/V2_LED_Flashlight_Torch_Bicycle_Clip_Holder_Mount_with_Adhesive_Strap_Black.html
These work good for a bike but not so well for skating, because I need control over the tilt.

I have only found one helmet-specific mount allowing tilt control, the exposure joystick but I don’t find a reasonable price shipped, over 30$ and the clamp is a fixed width specific for exposure lights.

Anybody knows of a good alternative?

Often its easier to make exactly what you want than to find it. I would suggest looking in a hardware store for metal brackets and bolts that could become a pivot / tilt. Use the velcro straps from your current mount to attach to your helmet and flashlight.

No handyman abilities I’m afraid. If I had to do it I believe that I’d design and build a tank turret :~