Help: Battery auto reset protections

I have started to test a bit on battery low voltage protection, for this I would like to include a battery where the protection automatic resets.

I.e. if you run the battery down to trip the protection, it will still read a above 3 volt on a DMM when taken out of the light.

The problem is that I do not know what batteries does that and I do not want to check all my batteries.

If anybody has an a battery they know has auto reset of protection, please post the brand and model here (Hopefully it is one I have tested and have lying around).

It will be a few weeks before my test is finished and I can post anything.

My Sanyo 2600mAh does NOT automatically reset.
That’s the only protected battery I have.
Hope somebody else will be able to help you.

Maybe that you could add a PSU with a 1Kohms resistor to any cell to pull the battery up? That may reset the protection.

I have enough that needs a pulse to reset and a 1K resistor might not be enough.

I am working on a article about over discharge protection and would like to test a couple of different protection circuits.

Very good idea!
Protection circuits are usually not described in web stores. Most people don’t really care but to me it is very important as a bad PCB can be annoying (I just got one of these PCB that trips at 2.5A… :frowning: )

I am only focussing on the under voltage protection, the over current part is mostly handled in my regular reviews.

I am also open for suggestions about batteries to test, especially if somebody has a suspicion that a battery has a extra high or low under voltage protection.

It will be a couple of weeks before I am finished with the article.

I don’t have much experience so I can’t give you suggestions.
My Sanyo cell has a low voltage protection that trips at about 2.5V.
What do you consider to be a good voltage for the over discharge protection?

It depends on the battery, but about 0.1 to 0.2 volt below the minimum voltage for that cell.

I did use my Nitecore 16340 NL166 until the light out about 4-5 times in the past. The voltage after that is 3-3.2V.

But that is the voltage after the battery has recovered, not the voltage where the protection trips.

Did you reset the protection, or did the battery recover automatically?

I think I have a protection circuit that resets like this, but it was with a cellphone battery. It was either Samsung or Sony but I don’t know if they made the circuit too.