Help dealing with order anxiety

Hello everyone. I have a problem. I seem to be dealing with order anxiety. I have two ordered out there that I am waiting on and they contain a P60 host, XM-L drop-in, batteries, Ultrafire U20, and three SRM knives. The order from Manafont shipped on 6/4/11 and 6/14/11 from PriceAngels for the knives. In all seriousness these are my first orders from China sites and I know that they will take a month or so to get. What do I do in the meantime to help get over the anxiety and excitement of the wait? :) Buying budget stuff can be so much fun. LOL :)

Quite a lot of people cope with this by ordering regularly so there's a steady stream of new stuff arriving. ;)

Can't say I often do this as it gets pretty expensive quite quickly.

Sounds like a good idea to me, but I have the same problem that you do....too much month @ the end of the money. :) Seriously though it is a great idea. I am looking forward to my new shiny yellowish packages.

Manafont is pretty fast, stuff gets to you in about 2 weeks, and they seem to ship fast. I've gotten stuff from them in as little as 9 days from when I placed the order. Solarforce is fast as well. The other guys out there, I figure a month. Usually when I get a package I have no idea what is it because it has been so long since I ordered it.

The only way around the anxiety that I know is to have so many lights that you can play with the ones that have already gotten to you while you wait for the ones that are in transit.

hard to argue with free shipping, no matter now long it takes.

I only have a few lights to play with but hey that will work I guess. :) Thanks for the help and yeah free shipping is very nice. By the way, will the packages come via USPS from HK Post?

Don said order more stuff so it keeps coming. Thats what I try to do, I dont even know most of the time what Im waiting for. Also like Troop said, order from Manafont. If I can get it from Manafont, I wont order from any other HK vendors. They are somehow able to receive an order and get it in the mail in only one or two days. Just like vendors in the rest of the world do. I dont know how they do it, i suspect that they are secretly in Detroit and not operating out of HK at all.

I just made my first budget light order and my first order from China. I ordered the Ultrafire UF-980L, a few Trustfire 2400 flames, four protected 10440s and some plastic holders for 18650s from Manafont. I'm a little nervous about it.

Do you guys pay the extra 2 bucks for registered air-mail delivery?

I think I am understanding that Manafont is the preferred place to purchase front for people on this site. I also forgot, I am also waiting on those 18700 cells I ordered from the group buy in this site. I see what you mean, you end up waiting for stuff that you forgot you even ordered.

Welcome to BLF, fnsooner! Your journey to the dark side of the light side of the force has just begun!

Thanks. If Manafont treats me gently, you are probably right. more! Sealed

The people on this forum do seem to have a great way of dealing with this problem, buy more stuff. :) That way you have a constant supply of little packages coming. This is a good idea. LOL :)

I don't pay the $2 unless it is an order over $50, and then it seems I still cannot track it.

Hi fnsooner .. you need to not sweat it because it takes so long there's no way you could sweat it ..and you have paypal if you ever need it ..and if you're really smart you used a visa card to pay paypal with so if it really gets stupid you just tell visa to not pay those dirty rotten ******* and visa grabs paypal by the neck and squeezes all your peso's out of them and then paypal squeezes the guys who were trying the tricky stuff on you sweats anyway it's only 32.50 .. Welcome to blf watch out for this guy >>>s1mp13m4n's pictureHe was just downtown in a prison line up s1mp13m4n's pictures1mp13m4n's pictures1mp13m4n's picture

yeah he is right, just the other day I was knocking on doors claiming to be a Jehovah’s witness who was selling Amway. I refused to leave until they had bought one of everything. This my friend is where my flashoholic $$$ is coming from. By the way, my first Manafont order came today. A nice and shiny envelope containing an Ultrafire U20 and two flame 14500 cells.

Aloha and welcome to BLF fnsooner!

The way I deal with this is after I have ordered something from HongKong, I wipe it out of my memory. Eventually, a yellow parcel (lately white) shows up and I am pleasantly surprised! If I am lucky, I can keep couple of them in transit so that it becomes a real surprise as to which one shows up first.

- Vikas

I say, just keep yourself busy by tinkering, exploring, and playing with your other lights. Of course, having a new one gives every one of us a different sort of excitement; but yeah.. that's what I do.

My coping method? BLF. reading about what other people get, checking reviews, marveling at custom builds...

Crap. The darkside of BLF just raised its ugly head. Fnsooner just inadvertently reminded me I need to order some 10440's

...and now I'm broke again, waiting for another yellow package from a post office that's arguably worse than USPS..

Thanks Fnsooner, and welcome to BLF!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

After watching my Manafont order stay in the processing mode for a few days, I was starting to think "I knew I shouldn't of ordered from them".

I pulled myself together and remembered the words from this thread and ordered a Trustfire X6 and some Trustfire 18650 2400mah protected grays last night from BestOfferBuy. I've already gotten a shipping notice.